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Session 21 | ALERT: Need Someone (Anyone) to Fill Shift ASAP

Session Summary

How often does your organization scramble to fill open shifts and last-minute call-offs? If you are like most providers, this happens more often than you would like to admit. The reason is simple, we are facing an unprecedented staffing crisis. Most organizations cannot find, hire and retain employees without relying on excessive overtime or agency labor. The answers are much more involved, but it is clear that relying on status quo staffing strategies has become costly, ineffective and can be a detriment to resident care. This session will critically examine new research on today’s and tomorrow’s workforce challenges, explore frontline staff perspectives on their needs and wants and provide real-world case studies showing how digital transformation strategies are elevating recruitment, retention and staffing in senior care. This is a can’t-miss session for providers needing to transform the vicious cycle of employee burnout and turnover into a virtuous cycle of quality care and employee retention.