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Session 58 | Balancing Opioid Risks and Benefits

Session Summary

Managing the risks and benefits of opioid medications is a continual balancing act that long term care providers must contend with, as this drug class has both immense analgesic and adverse effect potential. This session will reflect on the ongoing opioid crisis and identify the relevant regulations enacted in an effort to curb suboptimal opioid use. The attendees will benefit from hearing practical steps that skilled nursing centers can take to align with "best-practice" elements that focus on resident-centered pain management. Additionally, the very real issue of opioid diversion will be discussed, and steps to safeguard the chain-of-custody will be provided. This session will offer perspective from a pharmacist engaged in the topic, with experience operating within the ASCP Opioid Stewardship Work Group. This unique perspective will benefit members across the interdisciplinary team, all of whom have a part to play in appropriately managing resident pain and balancing the inherent risks vs benefits of the opioid drug class.