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Session 15 | Bridging the Gap: Tech-Powered Care Transition Strategies

Session Summary

Providers are at the center of a complex web of patient care coordination in the ever-evolving healthcare ecosystem. They encounter many challenges as they work to ensure seamless care transitions within many care settings and among numerous stakeholders. This session addresses these intricate challenges and underscores the pivotal role of technology in creating comprehensive care networks. As the healthcare industry adapts to meet residents' changing needs, technology has become a linchpin in optimizing care delivery. This session will explore the critical role of technology in streamlining care transitions and promoting patient-centered, cost-effective care while providing actionable strategies providers can implement today to enhance care coordination, boost patient outcomes, and gain a competitive edge. This session is your opportunity to discover how tech-powered care transition strategies transform how healthcare providers operate and, most importantly, how they improve resident care across the board.