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Session 37 | Elevating Emotional Energy to Conquer Overwhelm, Stress and Exhaustion

Session Summary

This session presents a transformative approach to conquering stress and exhaustion, centering on the pivotal role of emotional energy in driving employee engagement. Participants will be taken on a journey filled with inspiring stories, lighthearted humor, and a mix of proven best and worst practices to create emotional connections to fill team members' Emotional Energy Tanks. Attendees will learn how to harness their innate Superpower to forge deep emotional connections and create team unity...not through additional work, but by effectively focusing on Hearts before Habits, We before Me, and Effort before Excellence. By skillfully managing their time and attention, leaders can cultivate a workplace culture where team members feel recognized and a sense of belonging. In such an environment, they will become fully engaged and empowered problem-solvers, actively involved in collaborative decision-making, and unified around shared purpose and priorities.