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Session 50 | How to Avoid Serious Errors in a Pandemic Nursing Environment

Session Summary

Pandemic nursing is a new term that describes nursing care as rushed, physically overwhelming, emotionally draining and provides an onslaught of critically ill residents. There are a number of contributing factors and adverse results related to pandemic nursing. The pandemic environment signs include frantic, adrenalin pumping reactions to the disaster of the day, coupled with total exhaustion. Working in a pandemic nursing environment is a direct threat to resident safety. This session will explain how to recognize the signs of pandemic nursing and the common errors associated in long term care centers. The presenters will review recent AHCA inspection medication error trends. A recent article by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices reported a serious increase of medication errors coupled with a trend of nurses trying to hide their mistakes. An important first step to addressing errors is to ensure nurses understand the importance of reporting and how the center can create an open and honest work culture.