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Session 47 | Improving Health Care Employee Engagement and Retention through Impactful Recognition

Session Summary

Perhaps the most pressing threat to quality health care today is staffing shortages. Shortages require health care centers to limit capacity, affecting both their mission and their bottom line. Most providers can't respond to the workforce market by simply increasing compensation or other new and cost intensive benefits. Creativity is required to make positions in the field more compelling. Some organizations, particularly those heavily dependent on government reimbursements and in rural and community-based settings, are constrained in their total reward offerings. As a result, need for low-cost, high-impact initiatives to increase worker resilience, reduce burnout, improve retention, and maintain high safety and quality of care standards is greater than ever. In this session, you'll learn best practices in the science of recognition, how to build programs that have credibility and stand the test of time, and how recognition and engagement technology can ease the burden of managers and leadership teams.