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Session 25 | Mega Session: Kick-Off Membership Meeting: Redefine Impossible

Session Summary

At this official kick off for the 2024 Annual Conference & Trade Show, FHCA members gather to hear exciting FHCA business, enjoy an uplifting keynote presentation and celebrate winners of the Long Term Care Achievement Awards. Candidates for the 2024-25 FHCA offices will also be announced. Guinness World Record Holder James Lawrence, also known as The Iron Cowboy, will discuss the incredible power of hope and teamwork. He speaks about accountability, both to yourself and to your team and shows his audience how to remove excuses from their own lives in order to unlock more ability. In one of the most moving sections of Redefine Impossible, James reflects on his time with Dayton Hayward, a boy with Cerebral Palsy who loved to feel the wind in his face. James teamed up with Dayton and pulled, pushed, and carried him through an entire Ironman race. During that race, despite the increased physical demands, James gained a deeper understanding of perspective and privilege. As James shares in his presentation, “I remember looking at him many times that day, thinking Dayton can’t swim, he can’t bike, he can’t run…but I get to swim today, I get to ride today, I get to run today. Despite the pain, all of that is a privilege.”