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Session 30 | The Disco of Compliance: Grooving through Nursing Home Reimbursement Compliance

Session Summary

The 2023 CERT report has been released, and Florida has seen a rise in error rates for Medicare claims, most of which are due to a lack of documentation. Presenters will embark on a nostalgic journey through the effervescent 1970s disco era while navigating the intricate landscape of Medicare Part A and B compliance audits in nursing center reimbursement. This dynamic session will blend disco's infectious energy with compliance's complexities, unveiling the striking parallels between the two. This engaging session will shed light on the contemporary challenges in adhering to Medicare Part A and B regulations. Practical strategies and best practices that empower administrators and the interdisciplinary team to navigate the intricate web of regulations effectively will be explored. Through an interactive approach, incorporating audience polling and real-world examples, attendees will not only groove to the disco rhythm, but also gain actionable insights and best practices to enhance their compliance practices within Medicare Part A and B. Don't miss this opportunity to disco dance your way through compliance history!