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Session 4 | We Will Survive - Understanding and Surviving Medicaid Eligibility, Post Unwinding, and Legal Implications of the Changing Medicaid Climate

Session Summary

Providers have now had several months to settle into the unwinding of the Public Health Emergency. In this question and answer session, the presenters and attendees will roundtable on specific reimbursement issues they see daily and develop proactive action plans to avoid financial disasters. This session will deliver insight on reimbursement topics, including timely Medicaid application and eligibility, Medicaid Managed Care claims payment, and private billing practices, and educate providers on federal and state Medicaid policies and best practices to avoid denials, increase cash velocity, and ensure claims are paid on time. Attendees will learn practical and legal strategies to avoid and/or work through Medicaid appeals, guardianships, and discharge for non-payment. Participants will become skilled resources not only for their company, but also for residents and family members.