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Session 5 | Legislative Panel – Insight Into the 2020 Election, Expectations for the 2021 Legislative Session and the Impact of COVID-19

Session Summary

Florida will host its Primary Election August 18, just one day before this Legislative Panel presentation. The session will start with exciting insight into the 2020 election and how COVID-19 is shaping its outcome. Hear from one of the brightest minds in Florida politics, Ryan Tyson, who has managed one of the most efficient polling operations anywhere in the country. His straightforward, no nonsense style of presenting will generate interest and excitement, even for those who don’t normally enjoy politics.

Part two of this session will provide insight into the 2021 legislative session, which begins in March. There is no denying that COVID-19 will influence legislative activities and outcomes, particularly in the health care arena. FHCA has invited current legislative leaders to share their thoughts -  stay tuned for updates on who will join us!